Revenge of the Womens Studies Professor

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In the play, Sota Ojo can confidently claim that he is on the right side of opportunities.

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Years later, Sota is called home and handed a senatorial seat, literally on a platter of diamond. Aisosa Ojo, the home-based wife of Sota, remains faithful to the mother Africa symbolism: Great mother of her children, supportive, loyal and respectful wife of a chauvinistic, self-centred husband.

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Fortunately, fate has an uncanny way of standing by the oppressed. Critical issues such as motherhood by experience, power, female resistance, diasporatic issues nationalism, sexism, empowerment, etc are all tackled in the play. In Sweet Revenge, Oronsaye-Salami offers a new perspective to womanhood, privileging her, reconfiguring her image and moving her from margin to centre.

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Sweet Revenge is a study in the mystique of feminine grace and influence, the dynamics of homecoming, and reversal of fortune and nemesis. It is a celebration of morality of power and a thumb-up for a creative, integrity-driven humanity. She is steadily emerging as one of the dynamic and phenomenal female playwrights in Nigeria.

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Revenge and Gender from Classical to Early Modern Literature – Call For Papers

Morris opens new perspectives on the gender and generation gaps on campus, exploring the negative stereotypes that keep many students from taking women's studies courses. Since , the George Washington University women's history professor has traveled the globe with her one-woman play, "Revenge of the Women's Studies Professor," engaging audiences from New Zealand to New York in a frank conversation about the backlash against feminism and women's studies.

Faculty Research Panel - Gender & Women's Studies, UC Berkeley

This book presents scenes from the original play along with reflections on changing views of gender and sexuality in American society, politics, and popular culture. The result is part memoir, part history of our times, and part critique of higher education. Bonnie J. Morris is a scholar, teacher, writer, and performer.

She lives in Washington, D.